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We are highly flexible in what we do, and this allows us to work for businesses of every shape and size. Our clients range from small and medium size enterprises to some of the biggest and most prominent organisations operating today, including major government departments and global private sector brands.

We have a listing of our amazing clients and we can't list them all, due to certain NDA's, but this is a good representation of the forward-thinking companies we're working with.

Our clients range in size from Individual Entrepreneurs, Partnerships, Public Limited Companies, Private Limited Companies to Multinational Corporations and Government Departments. We also render free services to Communities and those who cannot afford legal services. Some of the clients, We are honored to represent the following:


Office # 14, Shaheed-e-Millat Block District Courts, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad,Pakistan. 

Phone:  +92-345-5095233